Home Alone is offered in Grade 4 classes at Rosary & Manning Elementary School.  This program focuses on safety in the home and prepares children to be left alone for short periods of time. Some of the topics covered during the day are fire safety, looking after siblings, 911 call role play, safety videos, roles and responsibilities as well as kitchen/food preparation safety.
Home School Families - workshop can be set up - contact FCSS



Summer Day Camps are offered for children from the ages of 6 to12 in two locations: Manning and Deadwood.
Day camps consist of games, snacks, crafts, play time and outside water games.                                                                                     

This program focuses on teaching healthy relationships as well as communication and other aspects of healthy relationship building and decision making.   Healthy Relationship sessions are ongoing starting in Grade 7.  Each grade is tailored specially for their age level, needs and incorporates the Red Cross Healthy Youth Relationship (HYR) curriculum. The Healthy Youth Relationships Education Sessions are made possible in part by generous funding from the Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund as well as the work of local community partners and our local schools.



Roots of Empathy program is devoted to building a caring, peaceful and civil society.  This program helps children learn about a baby’s needs and development, and lets children see a loving relationship grow between parent and baby.  It is through the observation and participation in the program that students begin to develop empathy skill and trained facilitator.Roots of Empathy program is offered through the local schools -  Manning Elementary Kindergarten & Grade 4  and Rosary School Grade 1.Certified ROE Instructors plan and deliver all aspects of the Roots of Empathy lessons in the classroom weekly and work closely with the participating volunteer family.
(FCSS have 3 certified community instructors)

Parent & Baby
The heart of Roots of Empathy is the parent and infant who join the Instructor in the classroom for Family Visits - 27 times over the school year - each Family Visit is about 30 minutes long. FCSS coordinates the Roots program and recruit parent & baby.  The babies must be born between June-August.                Parent Recruitment, www.rootsofempathy.org


Course is designed for youth 11 years and older.  Learn about development of children, laws of babysitting, responsibility and rights as a babysitter, fire safety and home safety.
4 - 2 hours sessions  
2 sessions a year - Spring & Fall
Registration fee - $25               Registration Form


Making choices in relation to alcohol and risk-related activities is something that our youth are faced with on an ongoing basis. Because of this, Manning has brought in the P.A.R.T.Y. (Preventing Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) Program, a full-day event for Grades 9 & 10. The Program includes presentations from a variety of community members, as well as a keynote speaker, to help students see the potential risks associated with behaviours such as impaired or distracted driving, substance use, and other risky choices. The Program focuses on empowering the youth to make the “smart” choice when it comes to risk-related behavior.
Manning P.A.R.T.Y. Program - May 2018

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