A key concept of FCSS is the role of the volunteer.  Volunteers are a vital part of our community and bring enthusiasm and expertise to their work.  Our programs rely on committed volunteers and their work ensures the continuing support for services as well as programs.

Do you enjoy volunteering for your community?   FCSS is recruiting volunteers for: Volunteer application


Joint Emergency Plan-Reception Centre Town of Manning & Country of Northern Lights has a Joint Emergency Plan. FCSS is responsible to coordinate and recruit volunteers for the Reception/Evacuation Center when required by the Emergency Operation Center Director.Be prepared for an emergency - Make a 72 hour Emergency Kit

National Volunteer Week                         Every year we host National Volunteer Week in the spring. National Volunteer Week (NVW) pays tribute to the millions of Canadian volunteers who donate their time and energy. Volunteer Alberta and the Government of Alberta, entered into a partnership that moved Alberta to the forefront in recognizing National Volunteer Week in Canada.


Parade of Programs                       Parade of Programs takes place the second Tueseday in Sept. each year. Promote your club, organization or program by creating a display, brochure, promote for volunteers, and an opportunity to hold registration. 


                                                                                                                                                                        Purpose is to provide a time for agencies (local & regional) to network; opportunity to share information & resources who service the Manning and surrounding areas.
If your agency would like to become a member of the Manning Interagency or you would like to attend one of our meetings, please contact FCSS at 780-836-2170.

Meet the 1st Monday of February, May, September, November

(September is the 2nd Monday as the 1st Monday is a stat)

10:00 am @ Manning Community Health Center Large Board Room

M a n n i n g  &   D i s t r i c t   F C S S
Family & Community Support Services
Civic Bldg  -  #413 Main St.   Manning,  AB 
"Strengthen the individual, family & community"
Volunteer Organization Supports
Manning Interagency
FCSS Promotes “Celebrating Families” to encourage healthy active living among families.  By fostering positive environments for family well-being, we nourish and sustain a healthy community. Community organizations, businesses, and agencies come together to Celebrate Families by promoting a family event with the provincial Family Day in February.
Family Day

Manning Asset Team commitment


Assets - developing healthy youth

The more assets a young person has, the better he or she will be able to manage life's problems and avoid unhealthy or dangerous choices.

Assets give kids what they need to succeed

Through quality social research the Search Institute has identified 40 positive building blocks critical to the healthy development of young people. These developmental assets consist of positive experiences, opportunities and relationships that enhance the health, well being and self-esteem of children and youth.

Why are assets important

· Helps young people make healthy decisions and choices in their lives

· Can lead to engagement in positive behaviours such as school success and academic achievement

· Decreased likelihood of involvement in high risk behaviours such as violence, school failure, and drug use

Principles of asset building

· All children and youth need assets

· Relationships are key - it is crucial to build positive relationships with young people

· Community-wide collaboration create the greatest impact

· Everyone can build assets

Information Sessions
A variety of Information sessions are offered throughout the year.  Contact FCSS if you have suggestions for sessions.

Ways to show kids you care

· Look them in the eye

· Learn their names

· Contribute to their collections

· Admit when you make a mistake

· Let them make mistakes

· Encourage them to help others

· Make decisions together

· Give respect to get respect